By the water’s edge

In the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, holiday and leisure possibilities on the water are endless. Be it for leisure lovers or ship watchers, canoeists, sunbathers, cycling enthusiasts, hikers or nature discoverers – the way to the water is never far off. There are the two seas, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, plus countless large and small lakes as well as rivers and streams, not to mention the majestic Elbe.

The North Sea and Baltic Sea are ideal for walks along the coastline and long beaches, and for a refreshing swim in summer. Piers take you far beyond the Baltic Sea, and on the North Sea, mudflat hikes along the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Wadden Sea beckon.

The Elbe flows through the region from east to west, and meets the North Sea in Cuxhaven. Embedded in maritime landscapes like the Elbe marshes or the Elbe River Landscape UNESCO biosphere reserve, and lined with charming small towns and the metropolis of Hamburg, the river is the heartbeat of the metropolitan region.

This water-rich experience is made complete by the three waterscapes in Holstein Switzerland, the Duchy of Lauenburg and Schwerin. Here, too, historical cities worth seeing await to be discovered. Picturesque cycling and hiking trails wind through the regions and lead to relaxing beaches, through enchanted forests and green meadows, while passenger ships sail to landmarks and hidden coves.


A relaxing break from everyday life with wellness and massages

Relax and unwind for a few days. There are many places in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region to make this a reality. Whether it's a wellness break at the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, inland or just outside Hamburg. Everyone can find a special place to relax here. Especially in the wintertime, you can let yourself be wonderfully blown away by a walk in nature and then treat your whole body to a relaxation from everyday life with a massage or a sauna session.


Cycle routes through the Hamburg metropolitan region: Between castles, cities and along the sea

Scenic, relaxing, sporty: by bike, there are many ways to discover the Hamburg Metropolitan Region comfortably on two wheels. From the Elbe beach to the sea or flanked by fairy-tale castles and bleating sheep - the network of bike paths is widely ramified everywhere. And for those who like it more urban, there are varied destinations also, because the cities of the north are also ideal for cycling. Due to the often flat topography, the paths are easy to master, even for those with little physical condition or for young cyclists. With the changing of the seasons, the landscape is always alter its colors. This makes many tours so beautiful that you want to ride them twice.


No time for boredom: Family Holidays in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

Setting sail, meeting wild animals of the Serengeti or riding the Ferris wheel on Hamburger Dom, a large fair, while licking candy-floss: a family holiday in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region is exciting and colorful. With its beaches, cities like Hamburg, Lübeck or Schwerin and varied nature, Germany's north offers countless opportunities to discover the world together. And because there is no other region in Germany with such a high density of amusement parks as the Lüneburg Heath, there is no shortage of fun and action. But what should you choose?


Camping by the Baltic Sea in North-West Mecklenburg

The Baltic in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania greets its visitors, whatever the time of year, with fascinating displays of nature. In the summer the sun sinks into the sea like a red-hot ball of fire and in the autumn the thundering of the Baltic cannot fail to make an impression. Excursions to see the natural environment are many and varied: sandy beaches and cliffs, islands and bays are all to be found along the coast of north-west Mecklenburg.


Off to the North Sea – A relaxing time in Dithmarschen

Dithmarschen has something for everyone! Whether it’s a walk along the seabed at the Wadden Sea UNESCO world heritage site, a stroll through tranquil harbours or watching ocean-going liners on the Kiel Canal; whether it’s enjoying the unique north German landscape, having an adventure holiday on a farm or taking part in sporting activities that stimulate both mind and body, we have the right holiday for you, whatever your tastes.


Lübeck – The UNESCO World Heritage on the water with a diverse culture and lots of marzipan

With its hidden world of passageways and courtyards, proud merchants’ houses, the world famous Holsten Gate and the Old Town Island with its seven churches, designated a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1987, Lübeck is simply unique. The former “Queen of the Hanseatic League” is a fascinating destination for city tourists and promises lovers of culture, history and the maritime way of life some moments of genuine pleasure.


Time out in Eutin – the perfect combination of culture and countryside close to the town

Eutin is the cultural centre of Holstein Switzerland, just a few kilometres away from the Baltic coast. In addition to its impressive architecture, its wonderful gardens and its many cultural attractions, it is also surrounded by numerous lakes, forests and hills. This combination makes Eutin the ideal place for a holiday or day trip.


Experience the lakes and castles of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Although not far from the major cities of Hamburg and Berlin, you soon find yourself out in the middle of nowhere in Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Rivers cut their way through the landscape and informative nature trails take you through idyllic, protected areas that are home to beavers, white-tailed eagles and otters. Space to relax and be inspired.

Photo credits: Schwerin (Oliver Borchert); Kreis Segeberg (Dirk Gosch); Dithmarschen Tourismus; Schwerin (Rex Schober); LTM; Eutin (Anne Weise Fine Art Fotografie); Ostseequelle, Küstenperle; Cuxland (Nele Martensen)