With its hidden world of passageways and courtyards, proud merchants’ houses, the world famous Holsten Gate and the Old Town Island with its seven churches, designated a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1987, Lübeck is simply unique. The former “Queen of the Hanseatic League” is a fascinating destination for city tourists and promises lovers of culture, history and the maritime way of life some moments of genuine pleasure.

The Gothic brick-built churches, the many different museums, the romantic “Malerwinkel” and the Niederegger marzipan shop and museum are only some of the places worth visiting.

The historic buildings of the Old Town Island are home to some real little gems of museums which can be seen at the website. Once a year, the museums of Lübeck invite you to their museum night, while the Grosse Kiesau literature night and the theatre night also offer nocturnal art and culture once a year. Once every two years, the HanseKulturFestival transforms an area of the old town into a colourful festival arena, and concerts which take place during the Brahms Festival and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival are high points in Lübeck’s musical calendar. The famous Lübeck Christmas market and beautiful craft markets transform Lübeck every year into the “Christmas capital of the north”.

The European Hansa Museum

The European Hansa Museum invites you to take an exciting journey through 600 years of Hanseatic history.

The permanent exhibition entitled “The Hanseatic League” takes visitors on an interactive journey through various Hanseatic cities, such as Brügge, London and Novgorod. There are also exciting temporary exhibitions.

There is no better way of immersing yourself in the fascinating world of merchants in the Middle Ages. Visitors find out what it felt like to live in those times and to witness, for example, diplomatic negotiations, piracy, trade boycotts and even people’s sufferings during a major outbreak of the plague.

Part of the museum is in the “Burgkloster”, which was one of northern Germany’s most important monasteries.

Lübeck - Die Hansestadt am Wasser mit kultureller Vielfalt und jeder Menge Marzipan

Tickets can be booked online. In addition, the ticket can be personalised at the entrance by choosing a thematic focus or your favourite Hanseatic city, and the various audio stations will go into this in detail.

More information about the museum and ticket booking can be found on the website.

An der Untertrave 1
23552 Lübeck
Phone: +49 451 80 90 99-0
E-Mail: info@hansemuseum.eu

On the marzipan trail

The world of marzipan has many a tale to tell. The best known manufacturer in Lübeck is “Niederegger“.

In the company’s main premises on the pedestrianised “Breite Strasse” on the Old Town Island, not only can you buy marzipan in all flavours, shapes and sizes, but you can also visit the café and enjoy – in addition to the classic Niederegg nut gateau and a cup of coffee – various breakfast options and savoury dishes that contain absolutely no marzipan!

A high point of any visit is the marzipan museum on the 2nd floor of the building where you can explore the history of this delicacy free of charge and marvel at the life-size figures made entirely of marzipan.

Go to the website for further information and table reservations.

Stammhaus & Café Niederegger
Breite Straße 89
23522 Lübeck
Phone: +49 (0) 451 53 01 – 126 127
E-Mail: bestellung@niederegger.de

Lübeck - Die Hansestadt am Wasser mit kultureller Vielfalt und jeder Menge Marzipan

Discover Lübeck from the water

By hiring an e-boat from “Boat Now”, you can enjoy the Lübeck Old Town Island from the water. You can hire the electric boats for up to 6 people without a licence. In fine weather, a good tip is to take drinks and snacks with you and make yourselves comfortable on the water!

After a short induction and with up to 6 people on board, you can cruise about freely on the waterways around the Old Town Island. The peace and quiet of the water and the view over the Hanseatic city’s historic sights are pure pleasure!

Book direct on the boat now website.

Behnhaus and Buddenbrooks in the Behnhaus

The Behnhaus Drägerhaus museum is Lübeck’s gallery of paintings from the 19th century and classical modern periods. The important collection of paintings and graphic works includes artworks by German and European artists from Caspar David Friedrich to Edvard Munch. It focuses on artwork from the Romantic and Classical Modern periods. The museum is located in two 18th century city palace buildings, the Behnhaus and the Drägerhaus.

The family and children’ s artwork in the collection offer a special tour for children. Due to temporary closure and extensive renovation of the Buddenbrookhaus, a specially redesigned exhibition will be shown in the Behnhaus. Tony Buddenbrook himself will guide you through the exposition.

Services at the Buddenbrooks exhibition in the Behnhaus:

  • During the tour of the exhibition, visitors learn interesting facts about Thomas and Heinrich Mann, their roots and their work.
  • The Buddenbrooks and Professor Unrat come to life in Behnhaus’ historic living rooms.
  • Individual tours and audio guides can be booked.
  • Individual tours and audio guides can be booked.

More information can be found on the museum’s website.

Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus
Königstraße 9-11
23552 Lübeck
Telefon: +49 451 1224148
E-Mail: behnhaus@luebeck.de
Lübeck Behnhaus

Günter Grass House

Günter Grass wrote literary history with his novel “The Tin Drum” and was awarded the Nobel prize for literature for his complete oeuvre. The Günter Grass House, in which the Gdansk-born writer worked regularly until his death, presents his work and life. Today, authentic experience meets interactive media in this unique exhibition.

Lübeck Günter Grass Haus

Here guests can immerse themselves in the exciting life of Günter Grass and experience how he observed and perceived his environment. There are various interactive offers on site. For example, children can explore the colonial goods store and experience the house with the help of a story written especially for the house. The museum also presents a number of other artists who, like Günter Grass, have worked in more than one discipline.


Further information can be found on the website of Lübeck Tourismus.

Günter Grass-Haus
Glockengießerstraße 21
23552 Lübeck
Telefon +49 451 1224230
E-Mail: museen@luebeck.de

Willy Brandt House

Willy Brandt was a native of Lübeck, an SPD politician, former Governing Mayor of Berlin, Federal Chancellor, a committed European and a fighter for reconciliation between the East and West. The Willy Brandt House in Lübeck is dedicated to the remarkable life of the statesman and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The permanent exhibition on the political life and work of Willy Brandt invites you to critically examine the past and the present, and is excitingly staged with multimedia and interactivity.

Free entry tickets to the Willy Brandt House offer you an individual walk through history, in which everyone can become active themselves. The interactive programme is also particularly recommended for children and young people.


  • Learning interesting facts about the life of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate in the permanent exhibition.
  • Free entry to the museum.

Further information can be found on the website of Lübeck Tourismus.

Königstraße 21
23552 Lübeck
Telefon: 0451 1224250

Lübeck Willy Brandt Haus

Dietrich’s Lübeck

“Dietrich’s Lübeck” offers a new kind of café/bistro/bar concept right by the Lower Trawe. In addition to coffee specialities, tapas and wines, high-proof cocktails and an extensive range of gins are offered here. Clemens Dietrich, the owner, also makes individual cocktails according to your wishes. There are around 200 selected wines on the wooden shelf behind the bar counter.

Lübeck Dietrich's

Clemens Dietrich even wins international competitions with his extraordinary creations. Here you can clearly see that the bartender is passionate about his job – he carries out his work according to the motto “If you drink, do it right”.


  • Wines and oils can also directly be bought at “Dietrich’s”.

For more information and reservations, go to the bar’s website.

Dietrich’s Café & Bar
An der Untertrave 108
23552 Lübeck
Telefon: 0049 (0) 159 014 474 54
E-Mail: bar@dietrichs-luebeck.de

Off to Lübeck!

Hanseatic City Lübeck

Happy, vibrant and relaxed – this is the beating heart of Lübeck, pulsing through the winding alleyways of the old town, filling the imposing red-brick architecture of the UNESCO World Heritage with life. This beautiful northern town has kept the charm of the original port and welcomes its guests with open arms. A sense of togetherness accompanies you as you make your way past the historic, red-brick monuments.

Tourist-Information am Holstentor Lübeck
Holstentorplatz 1
23552 Lübeck
Phone: +49 451 8899700
E-Mail: info@luebeck-tourismus.de

More information about the city of Lübeck is available on the website and of course on Facebook or Instagram.

Entdecke Lübeck und Travemünde
Photo credit: LTM, DZT