Small and tranquil, Lüneburg is really quite old – over 1,000 years, to be precise. Salt once made the city rich, and you can still see this wealth today, reflected in the many beautiful patrician houses. In addition to all the fantastic gabled houses in the Am Sande area and around the marketplace the western old town also boasts houses that are positively picturesque and charming alleys along which you will be only too happy to stroll.

In the area around Lüneburg, you can experience nature at its best, where a million small heathers bloom and turn the region a deep purple colour from August onwards. Long country walks will blow the cobwebs away. The Lüneburg Heath is really something to behold. 

 The Ilmenau is the reason for Lüneburg’s historic port. The river not only enhances the city, but also the region as a whole. Lüneburg also has a lot to offer in terms of culture. There are numerous museums in the Hanseatic city of salt, some of which tell of Lüneburg itself in days gone by.

Lüneburg – die Hauptstadt der Heide bezaubert mit kleinen Gassen und tollen Museen

The German Salt Museum

Salt, as one of our oldest cultural assets, has had a decisive impact on the history of human development. Surely that’s reason enough to put it on display! But why in Lüneburg? Lüneburg is the salt city of the north. For over 1000 years, salt determined the life of the city, making it rich and powerful, and traces have remained throughout the city. It was not until 1980 that the salt works, as one of the oldest industrial companies in Europe, finally closed its doors. The German Salt Museum now commemorates this glorious past. 

Deutsches Salzmuseum
Sülfmeisterstraße 1
21335 Lüneburg
Phone: +49 4131 720 65 13

More information about the museum and current offers can be found on the website or on Facebook and YouTube.

Lüneburg Museum

Visitors to the Lüneburg Museum can take a journey back in time! In the exhibition rooms you will experience history, explore archaeology  and discover nature. You can travel independently from prehistoric times to the present day, using a free media guide, or you can choose to join a  guided tour. The museum is a cultural meeting place  for young and old alike and has an extensive programme of events. At the weekend, guests can enjoy refreshments in the museum’s LUNA café.

Museum Lüneburg
Willy-Brandt-Str. 1
21335 Lüneburg
Phone: +49 4131 72065 80

More information about the museum and current offers can be found on the website or on Facebook and Instagram.

Lüneburg - die Hauptstadt der Heide bezaubert mit kleinen Gassen und tollen Museen

Staying overnight at the Wyndberg Hotel in Lüneburg

The picturesque hotel building, lovingly restored throughout in keeping with requirements for the protection of listed buildings, dates from 1438 and stands on a slight rise with a view over the historic old town of Lüneburg. The back of the hotel runs alongside the former city wall, behind which the enchanting “Liebesgrund” park invites visitors to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.

With its 26 individual rooms, the Wyndberg Hotel provides a historic atmosphere, combined with every modern comfort. The hotel is situated behind the Lüneburg town hall, just a few minutes on foot from the sights. It is particularly suitable for guests who want to explore Lüneburg on foot.

Wyndberg – Hotel • Restaurant • Distillery Egersdorffstraße 1a
21335 Lüneburg
Phone: +49 4131 – 799 33 55

More info and booking options can be found on the hotel’s website.

Off to beautiful Lüneburg!

The city of Lüneburg

Lüneburg, the Hanseatic city of salt with its thousand years of history, is attractively situated between Hamburg, the Lüneburg Heath und the Elbtalaue flood plain and nature reserve.

The historic heart of the old town, with its lovely red-brick buildings, its Gothic churches, the quirky town hall, the romantic alleyways and the picturesque squares, has any number of stories to tell.

With over 300 shops, the old town is an invitation to both shoppers and those who enjoy a gentle stroll. Lüneburg’s restaurants offer everything the heart desires, and – as soon as the weather permits – who would want to miss a seat in the sunshine in these pretty little streets!

Tourist-Information Lüneburg
Rathaus / Am Markt
21335 Lüneburg

Phone: +49 4131 207 66 20

More information about the city of Lüneburg is available on the website and, of course, on Facebook or Instagram.

Photo credit: Lüneburg Marketing GmbH Deutsche Salzmuseum in Lüneburg, Museumsstift Lüneburg, Hannah Heberlein, Hotel Wyndberg, Martin Bäuml Fotodesign