Setting sail, meeting  wild animals of the Serengeti or riding the Ferris wheel on Hamburger Dom, a large fair, while licking candy-floss: a family holiday in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region is exciting and colorful. With its beaches, cities like Hamburg, Lübeck or Schwerin and varied nature, Germany’s north offers countless opportunities to discover the world together. And because there is no other region in Germany with such a high density of amusement parks as the Lüneburg Heath, there is no shortage of fun and action. But what should you choose? 


No time for boredom: Family Holidays in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region


Explorers ride roller coasters: exciting holiday offers for girls and boys in Lower Saxony

Little captains and sea explorers travel to the sea. In the extensive mudflats off Cuxhaven, nature and its wonders can be discovered in any weather. For all those who are even more curious: Jan, the little sea eagle, knows the mudflats and coastal heath particularly well. With an audio guide, he leads all the children through the Wadden Sea Visitor Centre and introduces them to sea fish, mussels and crabs. 

The tour continues down the Elbe to Stade. In the Schwedenspeicher Museum, which is dedicated to the Hanseatic era, many hands-on stations are aimed specifically at families. Between rustic roof beams are display cases with small and large treasures. And because admission is free for children under eighteen, the ice cream and cake afterwards are sure to be a little bigger than usual.

Sustainability in two senses is promised by a program offered by Heide Ranger Jan Brockmann and his team in the Lüneburg Heath (usually starting from Niederhaverbeck). Together they explore the special features of the animal and plant world in the heath landscape on GPS rallies and exciting night hikes. Those who prove to be particularly skilled receive a heath diploma. This should make little explorers sit up and take notice! 


No time for boredom: Family Holidays in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region


Just a few kilometers further, in Hodenhagen, the whole family will feel as if they have gone on an extended trip around the world. In Europe’s largest safari park they encounter the wonder world of the Serengeti. Ten kilometers of northern German “savannah” can be driven either in your own car or in the park’s own tour bus. But be careful: the monkeys are extremely curious in the fifteen-hectare area. Whether lions, zebras, tigers or bison – new animals are always strolling through the hedges at a safe distance or sleeping under shady trees. In the adjoining adventure park, you can talk about the funniest animal encounters over bratwurst and fizzy drinks or let the wind blow around your nose on a carousel ride. 

Too wild, too loud, too adventurous? Things are more magical at the Walsrode Bird Park. More than 4,000 birds from 650 species, cute chicklets and spectacular flight shows cast a spell over guests young and old.

No time for boredom: Family Holidays in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region


In general, amusement parks and cheering play a very special role in Lower Saxony’s holiday program. Sometimes the nerves are tickled during breathtaking loops at Heide-Park Soltau, north of Hanover. Sometimes it’s the crazy – and 180-degree-turned – house in Bispingen that has the whole family standing on their heads. The camera should definitely be handy on this day, because when all the furniture is hanging from the ceiling in a completely furnished family home, it makes for a great motif. 

No time for boredom: Family Holidays in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region
No time for boredom: Family Holidays in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region


Sports fans must make a note of these hot spots: On the Heide Himmel tree-top walk, people climb safely but assiduously far up. The reward is a view of flora and fauna and, on a clear day, as far as Hamburg. And in the Berg & Tal adventure resort in Bispingen, eager skiers ski on powder snow 365 days a year. The hall is conveniently located on the A7 motorway. And since it has been extended to include various adventure worlds, log cabins and a hotel, it can also be used as a great base camp for the entire family getaway.

Discover the world at Hamburg’s harbor edge

Of course, a visit to the north would only be half the fun for many guests of the metropolitan region without a flying visit to Hamburg. Whether it’s marveling at ships on the Alster and Elbe, sightseeing tours in a double-decker bus, a little spookiness in the Dungeon or a visit to Hagenbeck’s zoo: the Hanseatic city is the ideal destination for families with children. 

Young and old are particularly attracted to the model railway in the Miniaturwunderland. Why? Because the 1,545-square-meter model world with its 289,000 tiny figures and 4,340 buildings shows different continents. These are thousands of aha moments on a scale of 1:87, from Central Germany to Knuffingen, from the Alps and Italy to America. The theme worlds are so surprisingly realistic that you should plan half a day, or at least three hours, for the visit. A little tip: Because this attraction is one of the most popular destinations in Germany and an entrance ticket is required, it is essential to plan your visit well in advance.


No time for boredom: Family Holidays in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region


If you come to Hamburg in March, July and August or in November, you can’t miss the Hamburger Dom fair. For about four weeks at a time, the Heiligengeistfeld is transformed into a huge playground for young and old alike, with the landmark Ferris wheel, roller coaster, all kinds of other carousels and stalls offering lots of fun and entertainment.

After so much action in Hamburg, you can sit down at the Landungsbrücken to wave at the ocean liners or at the Alster to watch the sailing boats. The very eager are already making plans for the next adventure.


Well “denn man tau” – let’s go!



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