Green meadows, endless dykes and an incomparable sky, situated between the North Sea, the Elbe, the Eider and the Kiel Canal – an inspiring landscape that excites all the senses. Recharge your batteries and forget about time. It’s easy to relax and breathe in the Dithmarschen fresh country air.

Whether you are taking a long walk along the seabed itself at the Wadden Sea UNESCO world heritage site, strolling through quiet towns and villages or admiring the ocean-going liners on the Kiel Canal.

Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site

The 80 kilometres of dyke line in Dithmarschen are not just green beaches but are also impressive ringside seats for looking out over the unique Wadden Sea mud flats. There’s a lot to see at the Wadden Sea UNESCO world heritage site. The unique landscape with its rich biodiversity is one of the most important unspoilt areas in the country. Large flocks of birds fly across the mudflats to find a quiet nesting spot in the distant meadows. Hikes across the mudflats reveal the teeming mass of countless creatures in the mud, though we have no real idea of how many species there are.

Unspoilt Dithmarschen!

Dithmarschen is surrounded by water on all sides: the Eider to the north, the Kiel Canal to the east, the Elbe to the south and the North Sea to the west. There’s a lot on offer for water lovers: canoe trips on quiet waterways, a leisurely boat trip to explore the interior or active water sports for sports enthusiasts.

The lush riverside scenery of the Eider area – moors, meadows and woodland – invites you to unwind and relax, far away from the stress of everyday life. Holidaymakers can enjoy the idyllic landscape while cycling or walking in magnificent surroundings.

A holiday in Büsum means a holiday for everyone: whether you want a family holiday, a holiday with the dog, a short break, comfortable hotels, a reasonably-priced holiday flat or a large holiday house – you will find what you’re looking for here. There’s lots of room to play and romp around, as well as flat, wide open spaces for cycling and a healthy climate that restores and invigorates. Green dykes and untouched landscapes, the hustle and bustle of the harbour and strolls up and down the shopping streets, going for walks and enjoying the sun on the dykes.

Walking along the top of the dykes from the jetty, past the lighthouse to the Watt’n Insel, you will hear the shrieking of the seagulls and the roar of the North Sea. The constant ebb and flow of the sea around your feet. In the evening, there’s the taste of the North Sea on your tongue – Büsum shrimp soup, fresh fish and – if this is what you fancy – a fresh samphire salad.

On holiday in Büsum

Enjoy a deliciously relaxed start to the day in one of the many cafés, restaurants or bistros with a breakfast buffet. Once you’ve eaten your fill, it’s time to head off in the direction of the harbour and the Museum Harbour for a good long stroll. This is where Büsum shows its vibrant maritime side, with its many shrimping boats and shrimp sellers. A real challenge – but one which typifies Büsum like nothing else – is to buy fresh shrimp straight off the boat and to peel and eat them while sitting on the steps overlooking the Museum Harbour.

Bagging a boat!

A real highlight is going fishing on a shrimping boat in the North Sea. Soon the nets will be full of all that the shallow reaches of the North Sea have to offer: fish, crabs, jellyfish and mussels. The fishermen not only bring in the catch, but also show you what they’ve caught and explain everything in detail. Feel free to touch!


Küstenperle Strandhotel & Spa in Büsum

Directly on the North Sea, in Büsum’s Perle Bay, lies a special place – with the Wadden Sea, seagulls and more right on the doorstep: the Hotel Küstenperle. It is a family-run and personally managed 4-star hotel with the restaurant “Deichperle”, the cosy bar “Schneiders” with fireplace and library as well as a spacious wellness & spa area.

Arrive, check in and feel good: All rooms are freshly and cheerfully furnished in Nordic style, free WLAN throughout the hotel, ample parking in front of the hotel and sea view from the second floor included.


  • Standard room: bed + breakfast in a double room from 69,00 €
  • Comfort room: Bed + breakfast in double room from 89,00 €

Küstenperle Strandhotel & Spa
Dithmarscher Street 39
25761 North Sea resort Büsum
Phone: +49 4834 962 11-0

Further information about the hotel and booking options can be found on the website.

Far from the crowds of tourists but still close to the North Sea is the picturesque landscape of the River Eider – a real natural haven. The Eider meanders gently through wide-open meadows, marshes and little valleys. Pumping stations, thatched houses, storks’ nests, wooded banks and the sheep along the dykes of the Eider shape this idyllic landscape. What could be nicer than a leisurely bike ride through the countryside with a taste of delicious regional delicacies at every stop? Rustic country cafés, farm shops and inns invite you to linger for a while. A great opportunity to get to know the land and its people. A particular recommendation is “Eider hopping”. In the summer season, the popular bike ferries in Schwienhusen/Bargen and Tielenhemme/Hohn take visitors safely to the opposite side of the river.

Back to the stone age

Go back in time at the Dithmarschen Stone Age Park in Albersdorf. The past comes back to life here, offering a taste of history for both young and old. So, go “back to the Stone Age” and immerse yourself in life in a Stone Age village, which has been reconstructed according to real historical plans! The archaeological open-air museum is an artificial reconstructed landscape belonging to the first farmers and ranchers in Northern Germany 5,000 years ago. Animals that have become rare, such as the aurochs, are bred here, and ancient grains are grown. Young and old alike can let off steam on the mystical Stone Age forest, on the Stone Age mud path, the barefoot path and the natural playground. In the original natural experience area “Gieselautal”, all age groups can get creative: working with flint, making a fire, trying out bows and arrows, creating Stone Age jewellery and baking bread are just some of the alternating programme items on offer.

New research results on the landscape and settlement history of the area are also presented at the Dithmarschen Museum of Archaeology and Ecology. The past can be encountered with models, reconstructions and stagings, and original findings from the region, from the Ice Age to the Middle Ages.

Dithmarschen Stone Age Park
Süderstrasse 47
25767 Albersdorf
Phone: +49 (0) 4835 971974

Albersdorf Museum
Bahnhofstrasse 29
25767 Albersdorf

Further information about the Stone Age Park and the park programme can be found on the website.

Dithmarschen Steinzeitdorf

Experience the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Site up close!

Dithmarschen region

Dithmarschen has something for everyone! Whether it’s a walk along the seabed at the Wadden Sea UNESCO world heritage site, a stroll through tranquil harbours or watching ocean-going liners on the Kiel Canal; whether it’s enjoying the unique north German landscape, having an adventure holiday on a farm or taking part in sporting activities that stimulate both mind and body, we have the right holiday for you, whatever your tastes.

Dithmarschen’s North Sea coast is part of Schleswig-Holstein’s Wadden Sea national park. The unique landscape with its rich biodiversity is an area particularly worthy of conservation.

Sea and mud flats, cabbage festivals, shrimp & fish and Dithmarschen “Schietwetter” beer are what every visitor should experience!

Dithmarschen Tourismus e.V.
Markt 10
25746 Heide
Phone: +49 481 2122555

More information about the Dithmarschen region is available on the website or on Facebook and Instagram.

Dithmarschen in der MRH Hamburg
Photo credit: Dithmarschen Tourismus, TMS Büsum, Küstenperle Strandhotel & Spa, Archäologisch-Ökologisches Zentrum Albersdorf