The holiday region of Wendland.Elbe offers plenty of opportunity for self-expression – for being artistic and creative, pursuing activities out and about in the countryside or simply for slowing down and focusing on yourself. The Lower Saxony Elbtalaue biosphere reserve and the Elbhöhen-Wendland nature park ensure the preservation of the varied natural landscapes of Wendland – from the untouched mudflats of the Elbe to the purple heather on the Heath and the extensive woodland areas. Visitors can experience this diversity at close quarters on the many cycle, hiking and horse-riding trails.

At the same time, the holiday region of Wendland.Elbe is shaped by the unique building style of the circular “Rundling” villages, a high concentration of artists and creatives and a particular regional identity, inviting visitors to get to know the area and try new things.

Wendland hasn’t skimped on natural diversity, and as part of the largest motorway-free area in Germany, it offers the natural world room to spread out and grow. In Wendland, nature conservation is connected to the history of the border between East and West Germany: the “Green Belt” runs for 1,400 km along the former inner German border and includes Wendland as a former border area.

Fields and meadows, flood plains, ancient woodlands and “Rundling” villages shape the landscape. With a total area of more than 1,160 square kilometres, the nature park covers almost the whole of the Wendland.Elbe holiday region. Dry and wetland habitats are close neighbours here and provide a home for numerous frogs, insects and butterflies, for example, along with rare species such as the stag beetle.

Art and culture are everywhere in the Wendland.Elbe holiday region. The circular “Rundling” villages are unique to the area, and of the 200 or more such villages that once existed, 95 are still in good condition and are well worth seeing. The people of Wendland are artists and free thinkers. This artistic way of life and unique creative energy can be found in every village, and in many artists’ shops and workshops, visitors have the opportunity to see for themselves how the art is created.

Fascinating countryside guides tell true stories about the Wendland region and show visitors the most beautiful and interesting places. The region’s thirteen museums cover areas as diverse as the history of East and West Germany, features of the various natural landscapes and life in the “Rundling” villages and how the villages developed.

The Michaelshof – much more than just a farm

The Michaelshof – a farm where ancient breeds of animal are kept and crops are grown sustainably and biodynamically – has become, with its organic farm shop, café and “house of nature” a cheerful destination for nature lovers, connoisseurs of good food and the environmentally aware.

Wendland neu

Michaelshof Sammatz

There is a warm and open atmosphere here, and in the farm shop you can buy speciality cheeses from the farm’s own dairy, freshly-baked bread and organic produce, mainly with the Demeter certificate, produced on the farm and elsewhere.

The gardens of the Michaelshof community are open all year round, and a walk around the unspoilt forest lake is a treat for all the senses. Walking along labyrinthine paths through wild and romantic gardens of roses, dahlias and herbaceous perennials, past little ponds where Indian runner ducks splash around in the water and where rare butterflies, beetles, dragonflies, wild bees and songbirds have made their home in large number, the visitor cannot fail to be enchanted by this tiny paradise full of flowers. In this setting, taking part in concerts, workshops, guided tours and nature seminars is an experience that stimulates all the senses and one that is best combined with a visit to the Michaelshof café.

Im Dorfe 11
29490 Sammatz
Phone: +49 5858 97030

Further information can be found on the website.

Enjoy art and culture in the Wendland!

Wendland.Elbe holiday region

The Wendland.Elbe region lies on the most easterly tip of Lower Saxony, surrounded by Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. There’s more than just the coast, beach and sea here in the north, where water is responsible for shaping the landscape, because here in Wendland, water has achieved something quite different, providing a unique habitat for fauna and flora along the banks of the Elbe. In the holiday region of Wendland.Elbe, art and culture too are to be found – quite literally – on every street corner. You don’t need to go to a museum or a concert hall to get a taste of culture. Countless events, festivals and creative individuals transform the whole region into one big exhibition space, stage, craft market and restaurant. This colourful way of life attracts artists, as if by magic, from all around. In almost every village, there are cultural treasures to uncover, and sometimes the village itself is the treasure.

Tourist-Information Lüchow
Amtsweg 2a
29439 Lüchow
Phone: +49 5841 9747 386

More information about the Wendland can be found on the website and, of course, also on Facebook or Instagram.

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Photo credit: Marketingbüro Wendland.Elbe, Dieter Damschen, Petra Walther, Gartow, Luise Kenner, Mel Flower, Heiko Dybski, MRH