The vastness of the sea, the green dikes and the black-gold moor – that is Cuxland between the Elbe, Weser and North Sea.

Whether relaxing on the beach enjoying the fresh North Sea breeze blowing in your face, in the Wadden Sea during high and low tide or on a discovery tour through the diverse flora and fauna with forests, coastal heather (Küstenheide) and moor, everyone will find something for themselves here. Cuxland is truly Nordic, multifaceted and offers a diverse landscape.

Experience the north

Bathing paradise and outdoor stage in one: the Wadden Sea. In 2009, the Wadden Sea with its high and low tides and thousands of animal and plant species was declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Those interested can experience this unique natural environment up close on a guided mudflat hiking tour. Or how about walking across the seabed to Neuwerk Island?

On land, Cuxland invites you to enjoy adventurous walks along white and green beaches, in the heather and in the woods or on the harbour promenade. But being active when on holiday is more than just a possibility in Cuxland: cycling, hiking or horse riding as well as water sports will make your holiday an unforgettable one. With the trip planner, you can discover a large number of cycling and hiking tours throughout the region.

In addition, there are numerous interesting tourist destinations, exciting boat trips and bad weather offers for old and young to plan an eventful holiday.

Die unendliche Weite des Meeres, das Grün des Deiches und das schwarze Gold des Moores – das ist das Cuxland zwischen Elbe, Weser und Nordsee.

Relax in Cuxland

The pleasant North Sea climate strengthens your vitality, lets your body and soul rejoice and gives you fresh energy for your daily routine. Cuxland offers a healthy wellness package with sea water, silt, algae, and sea salt, which are perfect for Thalasso cures. Furthermore, you also have the moor’s black gold. Because not only the Wadden Sea is something special in Cuxland, but also the moor ecosystem. Due to the acidic, very wet and nutrient-poor peat soil, it is home to many rare animal and plant species and also contains important vital substances for the human body.

Have fun on your discovery tour through Cuxland!


Cuxland is situated in the northernmost part of Lower Saxony surrounded by the Elbe, North Sea and Weser. Refreshed with a fish sandwich, you can start on a great discovery tour through the diverse holiday region. On the coast, you can experience the Wadden Sea, do water sports or take a boat to the sandbanks with resting seals. Inland, you have the moor, the coastal heather and forests with various activities and excursions for young and old. And if you want to relax while on holiday, then various health cures with Thalasso and mud baths together with the pleasant North Sea climate invite you to enjoy hours of relaxation.

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Photos: Florian Trykowski, Nele Martensen, Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven