In the countryside

The Hamburg Metropolitan Region gives nature lovers and outdoor seekers exactly what they’re after. Not only is it the only region of its kind that’s home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, the Elbe River Landscape and Lake Schaalsee – but nature-rich experiences everywhere get you up close and personal with diverse flora and fauna.

Discover nature in exciting ways – either on two wheels, or by foot. Countless cycling and hiking trails for flat and long-distance hiking or cycling – signposted and often marked – lead through heath and moor landscapes, forests and meadows, past fields of rapeseed blossoming in early summer, over gentle hills and along the coast. In Germany’s oldest nature park, the Lüneburg Heide, shepherds and their heathland sheep roam the largest uninterrupted area of heath in Central Europe.

A spectacular natural wonder awaits at bird flight time, when flocks of thousands of migrating birds rest on the vast expanses of moorland and marshland to recharge their batteries before their onward journey.

Golf fans will appreciate the abundance of golf courses. Set amongst the natural flora and fauna, they invite you to come and play an exciting mix of different rounds.


A relaxing break from everyday life with wellness and massages

Relax and unwind for a few days. There are many places in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region to make this a reality. Whether it's a wellness break at the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, inland or just outside Hamburg. Everyone can find a special place to relax here. Especially in the wintertime, you can let yourself be wonderfully blown away by a walk in nature and then treat your whole body to a relaxation from everyday life with a massage or a sauna session.


Cycle routes through the Hamburg metropolitan region: Between castles, cities and along the sea

Scenic, relaxing, sporty: by bike, there are many ways to discover the Hamburg Metropolitan Region comfortably on two wheels. From the Elbe beach to the sea or flanked by fairy-tale castles and bleating sheep - the network of bike paths is widely ramified everywhere. And for those who like it more urban, there are varied destinations also, because the cities of the north are also ideal for cycling. Due to the often flat topography, the paths are easy to master, even for those with little physical condition or for young cyclists. With the changing of the seasons, the landscape is always alter its colors. This makes many tours so beautiful that you want to ride them twice.


No time for boredom: Family Holidays in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

Setting sail, meeting wild animals of the Serengeti or riding the Ferris wheel on Hamburger Dom, a large fair, while licking candy-floss: a family holiday in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region is exciting and colorful. With its beaches, cities like Hamburg, Lübeck or Schwerin and varied nature, Germany's north offers countless opportunities to discover the world together. And because there is no other region in Germany with such a high density of amusement parks as the Lüneburg Heath, there is no shortage of fun and action. But what should you choose?


Experience nature and architecture in the Alte Land – The Hanseatic cities of Stade and Buxtehude

The Alte Land is only a short distance away from Hamburg, which makes it an ideal destination for excursions and vacations. The picturesque landscape on the Elbe river is gently incorporated between the Hanseatic city and the North Sea. For all those who still long to experience a charming city flair, the maritime Hanseatic cities of Stade and Buxtehude are not far away.


On your marks, get set, go! Go-karting in the Lüneburg Heath

One of the main reasons for visiting the Lüneburg Heath’s unique landscape is the peaceful, traffic-free nature conservation area with the largest area of continuous heathland in central Europe. But for those seeking a little more action, this area has probably the greatest concentration of theme parks in the whole of the country! These include Ralf Schumacher’s cutting-edge karting complex in Bispingen – one of its kind in Germany.


Experience the lakes and castles of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Although not far from the major cities of Hamburg and Berlin, you soon find yourself out in the middle of nowhere in Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Rivers cut their way through the landscape and informative nature trails take you through idyllic, protected areas that are home to beavers, white-tailed eagles and otters. Space to relax and be inspired.


Slow down and enjoy the art and culture of Wendland

The holiday region of Wendland.Elbe offers plenty of opportunity for self-expression – for being artistic and creative, pursuing activities out and about in the countryside or simply for slowing down and focusing on yourself. The Lower Saxony Elbtalaue biosphere reserve and the Elbhöhen-Wendland nature park ensure the preservation of the varied natural landscapes of Wendland – from the untouched mudflats of the Elbe to the purple heather on the Heath and the extensive woodland areas. Visitors can experience this diversity at close quarters on the many cycle, hiking and horse-riding trails.


Tracking down the wonders of nature in the Segeberg district

The Segeberg district, with its wide-open fields and green meadows lies in the eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein. The foothills of Holstein Switzerland mean that the landscape is hilly with lots of lakes for swimming and relaxation. Situated centrally between Hamburg, Neumünster and Lübeck, the Segeberg district also offers lots of destinations for day trips to lakeside villages or pretty little towns.


Wellness and relaxation in the countryside of the northern Heath

If you are looking for a few relaxing days in the countryside, you will find a very special place in the northern Lüneburg Heath. Whether you’re cycling or on foot, there’s a lot to discover, with seemingly infinite views across the Heath as you watch the birds or listen to the bleating of the moorland sheep – an intense experience that allows you to forget the stresses of everyday life.

Photo credits: Schwerin (Oliver Borchert); Rotenburg (Björn Wengler); Dithmarschen Tourismus (Stengel); Landkreis Harburg (Dennis Karjetta); Wendland (Petra Walther); Kreis Segeberg (Dirk Gosch); Ralf Schumacher Kartcenter; Uelzen (Jürgen Clauß HRUE)