Towns & culture

Be it the modern Hafencity or the historic Hanseatic Cities, big opera, concert and theatre stages or charming cabaret, spectacular contemporary architecture or Northern German brick Gothic, castles and grand manors as well as thatched fishermen’s cottages – the choice for city and culture lovers couldn’t be better!

The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is cosmopolitan and international. It used to be the Hanseatic captains who brought their goods to the famous Speicherstadt. Today, it’s the cruise ships that dock here – with the Elbphilharmonie and the “Historic Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel” UNESCO World Heritage Site right next door.

Here we have narrow streets, historical merchant and office buildings, marzipan and proud sailors, salt warehouses and a train station created by the artist Hundertwasser! These are the other Hanseatic Cities of Lübeck, Lüneburg, Wismar, Stade, Buxtehude and Uelzen – some of which even have unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Glittering magic hits the entire region when the lights of the Christmas markets make city centres sparkle.

Another special experience is to be had in Ahrensburg, Schwerin or Ludwigslust, where castles and grand manors stand tall around every corner. Their wide-open parks are also often home to additional cultural highlights.


Shining lights between brick Gothic, harbour edges and seaside spa architecture

The huge Christmas tree on Hamburg's Binnenalster lake, sweet-smelling marzipan in front of the scenery of Lübeck's brick walls or a warming punch in dreamy Lüneburg: the cities of the Hamburg metropolitan region are a visitor attraction for Christmas shopping full of atmosphere during the Advent season. And the many smaller "pearls" of the region make at least as much effort during Advent to enchant their guests with a festive atmosphere.


Experience nature and architecture in the Alte Land – The Hanseatic cities of Stade and Buxtehude

The Alte Land is only a short distance away from Hamburg, which makes it an ideal destination for excursions and vacations. The picturesque landscape on the Elbe river is gently incorporated between the Hanseatic city and the North Sea. For all those who still long to experience a charming city flair, the maritime Hanseatic cities of Stade and Buxtehude are not far away.


Between giant container ships and the idyllic Alster – The green pearl of Hamburg

With its maritime charm and cosmopolitan outlook, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is one of Europe's most beautiful metropolises and offers its guests pure experiences of the city and nature: a variety of hotels, restaurants, theatres and shops, chic beaches on the Elbe and the green banks of the Alster, a lively harbour and city sights encompassing over 1,200 years of urban history.


Lübeck – The UNESCO World Heritage on the water with a diverse culture and lots of marzipan

With its hidden world of passageways and courtyards, proud merchants’ houses, the world famous Holsten Gate and the Old Town Island with its seven churches, designated a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1987, Lübeck is simply unique. The former “Queen of the Hanseatic League” is a fascinating destination for city tourists and promises lovers of culture, history and the maritime way of life some moments of genuine pleasure.


Time out in Eutin – the perfect combination of culture and countryside close to the town

Eutin is the cultural centre of Holstein Switzerland, just a few kilometres away from the Baltic coast. In addition to its impressive architecture, its wonderful gardens and its many cultural attractions, it is also surrounded by numerous lakes, forests and hills. This combination makes Eutin the ideal place for a holiday or day trip.


Lüneburg – The capital of the Heath with its enchanting little alleyways and great museums

Small and tranquil, Lüneburg is really quite old – over 1,000 years, to be precise. Salt once made the city rich, and you can still see this wealth today, reflected in the many beautiful patrician houses. In addition to all the fantastic gabled houses in the Am Sande area and around the marketplace the western old town also boasts houses that are positively picturesque and charming alleys along which you will be only too happy to stroll.

Photo credits: Schwerin (Rex Schober); Lüneburg (Lüneburg Marketing GmbH); LTM; Eutin (Anne Weise Fine Art Fotografie); TMV, Felix Gänsicke